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Early Preschoolers

Early Preschoolers Program

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Our Early Preschoolers Program (24 months to 35 months) uses a curriculum that encourages and nurtures your 2-year old’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity. This program uses their innate desire to explore to create opportunities for learning and growth.

We provide a fun environment to learn language skills through music, rhymes and stories every day. We teach your 2-year old basic math and science by providing hands-on activities that enhance their need to touch, smell, build, and create through their curiosity of the world around them.  

Our qualified, experienced teachers create a patient and supportive environment that allows your 2-year old to learn about themselves and begin to form relationships with others. Your child will enjoy learning through different themes each month such as Community Helpers, Pets, Family, and even Dinosaurs. Our teachers pride themselves in transforming their classrooms to create magical areas for exploration and learning.


We also guide your child through activities that strengthen their motor skills. This can be through finger plays, sensory activities, dance, and even exercise games throughout the day. In addition, your child will participate in activities designed to help them understand trust, empathy, and a sense of right and wrong through choices and positive reflection.

Preschooler Program

Preschooler Program

Our Preschooler Program (36 months to 47 months) uses a Maryland State-approved curriculum that provides your 3-year old with well-rounded learning experiences that focus on the whole child and their development. This is all set in an environment where your child will receive positive reinforcement through nurturing care and encouragement. Literacy and language development is practiced throughout the day to make connections between letters, words, and sounds. Our teachers use age-appropriate books as your child listens to and retells stories, asks questions, and shares their own ideas. Language development is also strengthened and encouraged through individual and small-group activities in our Dramatic Play and Library Learning Centers.


Our caring teachers guide your 3-year old through small group activities such as creating matching sets of items or counting beads or blocks. This helps them build a foundation for mathematics and problem solving. We put your 3-year old’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity to work by teaching them about people, plants, animals, and our environment through hands-on activities.

The classroom learning centers are transformed based on a monthly theme to enhance your child’s learning experience.  They can pretend to be scientists exploring fossils, gardeners planting new seeds to grow during Springtime, or even famous chefs creating delicious meals for their customers in their own restaurant. Your 3-year old will be guided through activities that help develop a sense of self while teaching them life skills to build and maintain positive relationships with peers and adults.

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Pre-K Program
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Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program (48 months to 60 months) uses a Maryland State-approved curriculum that provides your 4-year old with all encompassing learning experiences and key developmental practices. We make learning fun and engaging with books, poems, songs, and stories – helping your child make connections between letters and words and words and sentences. Individual assignments and projects are given to students to take home and then present to their classmates throughout the school year. Our students are also introduced to “sight words” and writing journals to strengthen their vocabulary and handwriting skills.

Multiple opportunities are provided to strengthen our students mathematic development and problem solving skills. Through small group and large group activities, we help your 4-year-old see how things relate to one another by helping them identify and describe attributes and object patterns. Through fun and engaging monthly themes, your child will lead the way in learning about people, animals, plants, the Earth, and outer space. Teachers also instruct your 4-year-old how to use the appropriate tools and technology in their investigations.  

In addition, we help guide your child to build their self-esteem and confidence by allowing them multiple child directed learning environments and activities throughout their day. They build on their independence and character traits by learning empathy, self-reflection, and independence.

Kindergarten Readinss

Readiness Program

If your child has mastered our Pre-K program but has a birthdate that does not meet the cut-off to attend public kindergarten, then this is the perfect program for them. Our educators are ready with the right curriculum and knowledge to create a challenging and fun learning environment for your child’s future success in kindergarten. 

This program includes higher level skill sets for each developmental learning area from critical thinking, communication, literacy, mathematics, social and emotional, and scientific problem solving. Your child will be supported by our highly trained teachers every step of the way to encourage, nurture, and cultivate your child’s individual growth and development.

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