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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions that families ask us most often.

  • What are the ratios in the classrooms?
    Infants: 1 adult per 3 children Toddlers: 1 adult per 3 children Early Preschoolers Program: 1 adult per 6 children Preschool: 1 adult per 10 children Pre-K: 1 adult per 10 children School Age: 1 adult per 15 childern
  • What are the tuition rates?
    Our tuition rates vary depending on the program your child is enrolled in. Due to the economy, yearly tuition rates have increased between 3%-10%.
  • Are there discounts available?
    We offer a Siblings Discount of 5% off the oldest child’s tuition and a Military Discount (10% off total tuition). *Only 1 discount can be applied. Tuition is not pro-rated or reduced for holidays, vacations, inclement weather or illness.
  • What supplies will my child need?
    You will be provided a supplies list for the specific class your child is in since each individual classroom has different needs.
  • What curriculum is used?
    We utilize a Maryland State-approved creative curriculum and teaching strategies. Children are encouraged to discover, explore, and think in their own unique way through our play-based curriculum. Parents/guardians are able to receive their child’s lesson plans from their teachers through the Brightwheel app.
  • What is the sick policy?
    Our first priority at The Valley School is providing a healthy, safe learning environment for all children. A child will be sent home as soon as possible if any of the following is experienced: an illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in activities (as determined by the staff); an illness results in a greater need for care than the staff can reasonably provide without compromising the health or safety of other children in the classroom; or a child is experiencing any of the following conditions: Fever of 100.4 (digital thermometer) or greater, until 24 hours symptom-free without fever-reducing medication Signs/symptoms of severe illness, including lethargy, uncontrolled coughing, inexplicablen irritability or persistent crying, difficulty breathing, and/or wheezing Diarrhea (not associated with diet changes or medications) (Two instances) until diarrhea stops for 24 hours or the continued diarrhea is deemed not be infectious by a licensed healthcare professional. Blood in stools not explainable by dietary change, medication, or hard stools Vomiting (One instance) the child can return after vomiting has been resolved for 24 hours or until a health care provider determines the cause for vomiting is not contagious and the child is not in danger of dehydration. Persistent abdominal pain (continues more than 2 hours) or intermittent pain associated with fever or other signs/symptoms of illness Mouth sores with drooling, unless a health care provider determines the sores are not contagious Rash until a physician determines that these symptoms do not indicate a communicable disease Pink eye (conjunctivitis) until after treatment has been initiated for 24 hours Scabies, until after treatment has been completed Tuberculosis, until a health care provider states that the child is on appropriate therapy and can attend child care Impetigo, until 24 hours after treatment has been initiated Strep throat, until 24 hours after initial antibiotic treatment and cessation of fever Chickenpox, until all sores have dried and crusted (usually 6 days) Hand Foot and Mouth sores have dried and crusted and no fever Pertussis, until 5 days of appropriate antibiotic treatment has been completed Mumps, until 9 days after onset of symptoms Hepatitis A virus, until 1 week after onset of illness Measles, until 4 days after onset of rash Rubella, until 6 days after onset of rash Unspecified respiratory tract illness accompanied by another illness which requires exclusion Herpes simplex, with uncontrollable drooling COVID-19 When a child who becomes ill while at The Valley School, Parents/gaurdians will be notified by telephone and/or the Brightwheel App. For this we ask families to make every effort to pick up a sick child as soon as possible. The Valley School reserves the right to make the final determination of exclusion due to illness. Any exceptions to our illness policy will require a written note from a licensed healthcare professional stating that the child is not contagious.
  • What are the typical hours of operation and holiday closures?
    Our regular hours of operation are: Monday-Friday 6:30 am-6:00pm We will make our own decision to close if there is inclement weather as we do not follow the FCPS inclement weather/school calendar closures. Closures will be posted in the Brightwheel app. Below are the days that the center is closed. If the holiday falls on a weekend we will be closed the following day. New Year’s Day Good Friday Memorial Day Juneteenth Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Day Two Professional Development days per year (President’s Day and one day in August)

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